Innovative surgical operation, which has gained international recognition – what’s new? (Watch the video)


We have already informed you about very complex surgical operation conducted by Guram Karazanashvili, which received great attention from American Urological Association, this procedure has been regarded as significant innovation in the field of oncologic urology. We offer you an overview of this operation and a short video presented at the American Congress of Urology.

Operation Description:

Peritoneum, Nerve, and Prostate sphincter sparing Cysto-Prostatectomy and extraperitoneal orthotopic artificial neobladder creation.


Bladder Cancer.

What’s New:

Sparing modifications have been developed.

  • Modifications in techniques involving removal of bladder,prostate,lymph nodes without opening peritoneum;
  • Modifications in techniques permitting prevention of damage to urethral sphincter and prostatic apex;
  • Modifications in techniques permitting surgeons to prevent damage to neurovascular bundle responsible for erectile/sexual function;
  • Modifications in techniques involving creation of artificial bladder from intestines;
  • Complete Repositioning of artificial neobladder from peritoneal cavity and  technique of complete hermitization of peritoneal cavity.

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