Membership of Georgian Association of Oncological Urology

Membership of Georgian Association of Oncological Urology can be granted to:

Person, who has a significant contribution and achievements in scientific, as well as, practical and educational work in the field of oncourology

  • Oncologist
  • Urologist
  • Radiologist
  • Pathologist
  • Oncourologist
  • Physicist
  • Chemist
  • Biologist

Any specialist from medical or nonmedical field, who has a special interest in oncological urology or in any other nearby field

Student, resident, who undergoes specialization or training in oncological urology or in any other nearby field


Honorary Members of Georgian Association of Oncological Urology


Avoyan Armen

Vice-President of Armenian Urological Association

Artur Grabski

Grabski Artur

Head of the Urology clinic Izmirlyan MC, Armenia

Fuad Guliyev

Guliyev Fuad

Deputy Director of National Oncology Center of Azerbaijan


Mosoyan Mikhail

Head of Center Robotic Surgery, Russia

Stefan Mϋller

Müller Stefan

Director Department of Urology University of Bonn, Germany


Nijman Rien

Chair of the Department of Urology at the University Medical Centre in Groningen, USA

Vipul Patel

Patel Vipul

Medical Director of The Global Robotics Institute at Florida Hospital, USA

eduard stakhovsky

Stakhovsky Eduard

President Ukrainian Association of Oncological Urology

Van Poppel

Van Poppel Hendrik

Adjunct Secretary General of European Association of Urology


Evans CHristopher

President, Society Urologic Oncology of USA. Professor and Chairman, Department of Urology, University of California, Davis School of Medicine, USA


Brausi Maurizio

Chairman of European Section of Oncological Urology. Ex. President Italian Society of Urology, Italy

Schmidinger Manuela

SCHmidinger Manuela

Program Director for Renal cell carcinoma, Vienna Medical University, Austria
Bossi Alberto

Bossi Alberto

Head of the Urology and Prostate Brachytherapy Unit at the Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute in Villejuif, Italy
De Santis Maria

DE Santis Maria

Chair, Section of Interdisciplinary Genitourinary Cancer Medicine, Charite Medical University, Berlin, Germany

Tillyashaykhov Mirzagaleb

President, National Cancer Center of Uzbekistan; Director, Cancer Center of Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan