The rector of Tbilisi State University made a speech the guests of the congress


The greeting speech of the rector of Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State university for the guests of the II Congress of Georgian Association of Oncological Urology.

George Sharvashidze: “I am glad that Tbilisi State University is hosting the International Scientific Congress on Oncological Urology. By this, we are trying to promote further development of the field in Georgia and help field experts deepen their knowledge.

The Faculty of Medicine was opened at TSU 100 years ago, laying the foundation for the establishment of the Medical University and education of a lot of successful medical doctors and scientists. Against this background, it is twice important that TSU is hosting this scientific conference.

Struggle against urological cancer has identified absolutely new approaches and recommendations for defeating these pathologies. During two days, world-renowned scientists and medical doctors together with their Georgian colleagues will summarize existing scientific innovations and share experience with each other.

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